Our history

Collari anno 1964, year 1964

Who we are: Driven by strong local demand, Mario Collari and his son Edore started making rotary tillers and coil winders for metal wire at the beginning of the 1950s, operating out of a small workshop in the town centre.

By 1963 the company had expanded and moved into new premises; Edore took over the company and has remained in charge until today.

COLLARI has expanded considerably since it first started business more than 50 years ago, making its name in Italy and around the world, known for the precise and sturdy build of its products. Its most demanding customers appreciate these features, as they are being used increasingly for more intense, professional applications.

The company’s manufacturing philosophy is to apply new technology as it becomes available, constantly improving its products without penalising their robust build, which has always been their most distinguishing feature.

The agricultural industry has evolved considerably over the years, following the demands of a market subject to constant change. This has resulted in the production of new machines: grubbers, rippers, normal cultivators, combined with hydraulic roller sections or rear disks, stone buriers, bed formers, combined grubbers + rotary tillers, combined sowing machines with minimum working, etc.

Our philosophy

We focus on the needs of our customers and this has given us the opportunity to expand into new markets, such as gardening, horticulture and plant nurseries, leading to the production of special machines for the preparation of the ground.

One division of the company focuses on the production and distribution of coil winders for metal wire. These were originally intended for the agricultural customers (to make metal wire coils for use on hay balers), but are now used extensively in other fields, such as the recycling of paper, rags, plastic, tins, dehydrated foraged etc, and are intended primarily for customers operating in the processing and steel working industries.

The company currently operates out of its own 5,000 m2 premises and is managed by the third generation of the Collari family: Gian Luca and his sister Valeria.

The company exports its products throughout Europe and to the United States, South America, Central America, Russia, North Africa, Middle East and Australia.

The company is a founder member of CONSORZIO EUROAGRI for the promotion of export and is also a business partner of several companies operating in this field.