Collari SLF01 Sistema di Lubrificazione in Linea In-Line Lubricating System for Wire

In-Line Lubricating System for Wire SLF01

For black annealed wire with diameter up to 4,5 mm
Attachable to our model AU180 coil winder and decoiler model SV2
It’s a completely independent system

  • It’s a stand-alone system, easy to install and independent of coil winder
  • Electric supply 400V three-phase + GND
  • Operates with low voltage 24V DC
  • Thermal motor pump
  • If the lubricating box’s cover is opened, the safety micro-switch, stops the coil winder and lubrication pump
  • Wire motion sensor automatically starts and stops lubrication power unit
  • Special control valve regulates the lubricant level
  • Excess oil is return to the main tank
  • Visual level indicator and light signal when the oil level is low and it simultaneously stops the coil winder
  • Oil-pressure gauge for checking working pressure with safety valve for maximum pressure
  • Tank’s capacity: about 50 litres of lubricant
  • Oil filtration system signals when the filter has choked
  • It’s equipped with a rotary self-levelling brush which has oil-pressure command for cleaning and spreading the lubricant during the coiling
  • Tank with integrated power unit and electric panel
  • Tank of containment for incidental loss of the oil, with drain plug