Coil Winders and Additional Equipment : Coil Winder – In-Line Lubricating System for Wire SLF01 – Decoiler SV2 – Rotating Base BR1

Collari AU180SPE Bobinatrice, Coil Winder, Bobineuse, Bobinadora, Wickelmaschine

Coil Winders and Additional Equipment

Coil winder for turn-to-turn winder for normal or coated ductile wires, annealed iron, zinc plated iron, copper, zinc, tin, alluminium with all diameters up to 5,0 mm on winding drum and with/without internal reel.

It’s a system for automatic lubrication of black annealed wire during the winding process, and it’s designed for our static decoiler, and our coil winders AU180 serie.

Decoiler to use combined with our all version coil winders.

Rotating Base for our decoilers.