Agricultural Machines & Coil Winders

Its production and distribution of agricultural machines currently includes  grubbers, stone buriers, rotary tillers and combination units for direct seeding. Ideal applications include intensive farming, horticulture, gardening, and maintenance of grasslands.

Coil winders are machines intended for application in the recycling sector, or the steel and processing industries. They can be supplied with accessories, such as decoilers, rotating bases, or wire lubrication systems.

Collari first started manufacturing its agricultural machines in the 1950s, driven by demand from the local market. It began working out of a small workshop in a town called Castello d’Argile, making rotary tillers and coil winders for metal wire. The company’s construction philosophy is based on the application of the latest, innovative technologies as they become available, with a constant focus on improving its products without ever compromising their sturdy build, which has always been a distinguishing feature of this company.