Rotating Base BR1: rotating base for static decoiler to unwind coils weighing up to 1.000 Kg.

Collari BR1 Base Rotante Rotating Base

Rotanting Base BR1

Rotating base for static decoiler to unwind coils weighing up to 1.000 Kg
Applicable to all our static decoilers mod. SV2
Inner coil diameter min 300 mm
Outer coil diameter max 1.000 mm
Coil height up to 1.500 mm

This accessory can easily be applied on all our model SV2 static decoilers also of previous production.
Rotating base BR1 allows rotation of the coil positioned on it for decoiling.
It is possible to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the torsion generated in the wire during static decoiling, considerably reducing jamming of the wire, particularly when coiling high carbon or raw wires. The use of this rotating base enables the coiling speed to be increased; it increases overall productivity and the quality of winding of the finished coils in that the wire has less residual tension caused by torsion and is more rectilinear.
Rotating base BR1 is a totally independent unit on which it is possible to adjust as desired both the direction of rotation and maximum working speed. Moreover, a completely automatic system synchronizes the speed of rotation of the base proportionally to the exit speed of the wire.
On rotating base BR1, the standard coils weighing up to 1 ton can be mounted with a free hole or directly coils complete with the central seal.

  • Standard three-phase voltage 400V 50Hz (others on request)
  • Moving the rotating base with inverter controlled gear motor
  • Low voltage 24V DC controls
  • A standard removable central drum for SV2 is used in order to facilitate loading of the coil
  • Unit with adjustable pulleys and encoder to read the wire speed
  • Electrical board support with plate for securing to the floor