Collari EPRC + EDC Estirpatore + Sezione Posteriore a Dischi, Grubber + Rear Discs section

Foldable Rear Section with Discs EDC

For 150 to 300 HP tractors

Applied to the rear of the Foldable Grubber EPRC

  • Hydraulic system with safety valve for adjustment of working depth with parallelogram system
  • Hydraulic system with safety system for reducing the section at the transport width to 250 cm
  • Tiltable toothed Discs with scrapers reinforced
  • Equipped with feet
  • Rear Attachment for grubber
  • Rear Bar with lights complete
  • Pair of rear road signs
  • Kit of rear Back lights with magnetic fixing pre-mounted

Features and Order codes

Order Code compatible with Grubber


Numb. Discs


Diam. mm

Working Width


Distance between discs




ED302C EPR330C 13 x 710


2 x 560

3.600 250 1.050